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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 23, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at 11:00 all eyes on that big mass of rain and moments what it could mean for your morning commute. >> but first, we're going to begin with breaking news. a man is under arrest after he jumped over the white house fence tonight. he was reportedly attacked by security dogs and quickly
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taken down by secret service. it is the seventh fence jumping at the executive mansion this year. just last month, omar gonzalez made it over the fence and all the way into the east room of the white house before he was subdued. that set off a firestorm of criticism of the secret service and left hand to the secret service director resigning her post. well, all of this happened on a day when terror concerns were already heightened following a deadly attack in canada's capital. >> tonight authorities are trying to figure out why a canadian born gunman hoop converted to islam opened fire targeting and killing a canadian soldier. the shooter first aimed fatal shots at a soldier at the national war memorial then fled to the nearby parliament building to continue his rampage. just hours after the attack that rocked can today, the message from the prime minister was clear. >> canada will never be intimidated. >> new video obtained by cbc television on wednesday night shows what appears to be the
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suspect getting into a car moments after the shooting. police say michael abdul dressed in black, his face covered with a scarf first gunned down corporal nathan sirillo at the national memorial then stormed the parliament. >> i heard pop pop, don't really know. thought it was -- construction rather than anything else. >> it was an attack stopped by the typically ceremonial sergeant at arms kevin vicars who shot and killed the suspect. with the situation rapidly unfolding authorities placed much of downtown ottawa on lockdown for a period of time as they searched for any other threats. >> this is a day that kind of changes everything in terms of the way canadians look at the issue of home grown terror. >> it was a nation already on alert. on tuesday, canada raised its terror threat level after a radical jihadist deliberately ran down two canadian soldiers killing one of them. police shot and killed that
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suspect. president obama offered his sympathy to a nation still sorting through the day's horror. >> obviously we're all shaken by it but we'll do everything we can to make sure we're standing side by side with canada. >> this scene, these sounds likely never to be forgotten by a nation that on wednesday found violence where it never expected. shortly after the shootings, authorities in the u.s. increased security at the tomb of the unknown soldier. >> kathy. >> showers, thunderstorms to the north and gusty winds, chris, that's what we're dealing with. they'll continues during the overnight. look at all this over new england, also long island pushing into north jersey. we're talking about torrential rain there with gusty thunderstorms as well. this is all rotating toward the south and the west. right now in philadelphia we have moderate rain with a chance of heavy rain moving towards the region during the early morning hour.
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the culprit is an area of low pressure off the injuries see coast slowly pulling away but it continues to rotate these bands of moderate to heavy rain across the region. as the low continues to move towards the northeast tomorrow we'll see the rain slowly waning and becoming more showery. for now though we have the rain and the wind, winds gust to go 26 miles an hour in philadelphia, 35 in lancaster. overnight and into tomorrow morning we're talking about occasional rain an additional quarter of an inch where we see those heavier bands a little more additional there as well. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour and temperatures falling into the 40's. we will see some brightening skies in that seven-day forecast. i'll be back with more on that coming up a little later on. for now, jess back to you. >> new tonight added anxiety for hundreds of local students trying to get into college. they took their act exams but now the scores have vanished. as "eyewitness news" reporter matt river tells us nearly 200
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students who took the test in upper darby are scoreless. >> reporter: merion station senior eli wantd to apply early and the deadline is november 1st. so he took the act exam on september 13th at upper darby high school. weeks went by but no scores came. >> not only was it nerve wracking it was agitating. >> we were expecting results fairly soon. >> reporter: that same weighting game was being played by jonathan. his daughter took the same day as eli but never got his score. he called the organization three times. >> there was 1 percent that still had not been graded and they didn't say anything about whether they were lost. >> reporter: in fact, it wasn't until yesterday that officials admitted the tests were missing. so, what exactly happened here? we asked act officials. they say they know the tests made it from the high school all the way to a local post office but from there it's anyone's guess. officials say they never
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received the exams at their headquarters in iowa. a company spokesman says officials knew of the problem for weeks but chose not to release the information. they hoped the tests would still show up and didn't want to cause a panic. eli says he would have signed up for another test had he known for a problem. he hopes the university of virginia will understand but. >> it's a complicated process. it worries me that it might hinder me getting in. >> reporter: act officials apologized saying the incident is rare but that they will be evaluating how this situation was handled. that does little, though, for those affected now. >> mistakes happen but the coverup here, which is what it's been is unforgivable. >> reporter: matt rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> the act organization tells "eyewitness news" it will hold another test free of charge for the students affected but no date has been celt it will give those students letters they can give to universities notifying them of the problem. also new tonight former
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tinicum township police officer jack park sorry facing up to 20 years in state prison. he was found guilty in delaware county court today of stalking his wife. parker was champ in there 2011 when he violated an order to stay away from his wife's job at the county dispatch center in lima. he told police he placed a gps tracking device on her car to catch her cheating. the 69-year-old lost his police job in 1996 when he was convicted of holding two women hostage at gun point at interboro high school. >> the cbs3 i-team is asking questions about this high speed rampage through the streets of philadelphia. dirt bike and atv riders zipped past pedestrians around the city performing stunts and weaving through traffic following the funeral of a fellow rider but many are wondering why they were never stopped. police department officials tell "eyewitness news" they kept a close eye on the bikers but when they left the funeral, the department ruled out any kind of pursuit citing public safety.
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>> i understand what the video is disturbing when you see the video but imagine now my officers engaging these individuals forcing them up onto the sidewalks. >> philadelphia district attorney seth williams calls the bikers' behavior reckless. new at 11:00 roger goodell orderd to testify in ray rice's appeal. the former ravens has filed a grievance against baltimore for releasing him last month. we know rice was let go after video surfaced of him punching his then fiancée in an elevator in lands. the nfl player's association argues rice should not be punished twice for the same violation of nfl rules. he was initially suspended two games in july after another video of that incident had surfaced. if rice wins this grievance he could be reinstated and win back millions in lost salary. the atf is joining the investigation into this devastating building fire in reading. flames swept through the former reading outlet center
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at eighth and ollie early saturday morning. a developer was converting that building into apartments. right now the atf says about 70 apartments were destroyed. the damage is estimated at $12 million. >> now to the latest on the ebola scare. the family of amber vincent the second dallas nurse to be infected with ebola says the virus is no longer detectable in her body. also tonight we learned starting in january, johnson and johnson will begin testing a vaccine to protect against a strain of the virus that triggered the outbreak in west africa. today the cdc began a 21 day monitoring of anyone returning to the u.s. from ebola stricken african nations. also, officials in philadelphia held a summit today to determine the region's preparedness for possible ebola cases. an update now to a story we first told you about on monday. the feds are now urging owners of nearly 8 million cars and trucks to have the air bags
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repaired because of danger to the driver and passengers. the government says the inflater mechanisms in the air bags can rupture forcing metal fragments to fly out when the bags deploy. safety advocates say at least four people have died. federal prosecutors are investigating trying to determine if the maker of the air bags, takata corporation misled u.s. regulators. prices at the pump are plummeting. why the drastic drop? that's next. kathy. >> in weather we're talk about conditions that continue to change across the delaware valley. >> also ahead tonight, do you know your blood type? our health reporter stephanie stahl will show us why this could help predict your future
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i knew my life as i knew itr, would never be the same. everything stopped. and i just said, "i'm going to beat this." and that's when i found living beyond breast cancer. purchase a specially marked bottle of pink lemonade 5-hour energy and a portion of the proceeds will help survivors like me with a much needed community of support. living beyond breast cancer is a lifeline for so many people. i just love being able to say that i am living beyond breast cancer. >> great news. gas prices are at their lowest level in nearly four years. take a look at the average cost of a gallon of regul in the region n pennsylvania it
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is $3.22. in new jersey it's $2.91 in delaware $2.95. new at 11:00 dye qana rocco takes a look at what's behind this drop in price at the pump. >> reporter: gas is the lowest it's been since any driver what was asked can remember. >> probably about two years since it's been this low. >> it's been a long time. >> reporter: aaa says it's the lowest since january 2011, more than 20 states will go below the three dollars mark this week. >> it's great. it's exciting. >> reporter: the price here at this gulf station in washington township reads $2.73 but just about anywhere you look along the black horse pike the prices are just as low and dropping. we found $2.72 if you're willing to pay cash. why the drop. >> i'm not asking questions. >> reporter: aaa says inexpensive crude oil prices healthy supplies low demand and no hurricanes have reduced the barrel cost and all that trickles down to the consumer.
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>> my car is like a gas guzzler. it's good for me. >> i love it. i love spending less than $50 to fill my tapping and i have premium so that's awesome. >> reporter: aaa expects price to drop another 10 to 20 cents by the end of the year. in washington township, diana rocco, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> we know you want to find the cheapest gas prices near you. we have set up a resource on our web site. head to and check out our interactive map. it lists prices at stations all over the region. >> it is a two week reprieve. trump entertainment says it will keep the taj mahal casino in atlantic city open through november. that casino was scheduled to close november 13. the company says it still can't guarantee the taj mahal won't close by the end of the year. trump entertainment is seeking $175 million in state assist sans and givebacks if union workforce keep the casino open. dramatic video from germany. you're look tag cable car rescue.
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a young family of four and two american tourists had to be lowered to safety on a boat when that car got stuck over the ryne river. the two children rescued are two years old and three months and they were dangling in that car for self hours. it's unclear how it got stuck. >> a tennessee toddler gets stuck inside one of those claw toy machines. this happened at a laundromat near knoxville. collin lampert's grand parents says one minute he was playing with the door of that machine but the next as they turned their backs he crawled inside. the boy's grandmother called 911. firefighters came to the rescue. he is just fine. take a look at this video from oregon. that is a black bear cub in a rite-aid. she checked out the greeting cards and then moved on. the cub is believed to be only about a month old weighing about 13 pounds. she was eventually scooped up way shopping basket by police. they'll release her back into the wild sometime next year. three is on your side tonight with a warning of a
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potential produce problem. giant food stores recalling several peppers due to possible salmonella contamination. the peppers are from bailey farms. they include serrano, anaheim, red cherry hot and finger hot peppers sold in a variety pack and purchased on or after october 9th. so far there have been no reported illnesses. >> on the cbs3 health watch tonight health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how your blood type can provide some very interesting insight into your future health. >> reporter: do you have trouble remembering where you left the keys? doing some quick money calculations or with word games? well, your brain power might depend on your blood type. >> i think it's b positive. >> and i'm ab positive, a rare one. >> reporter: ab blood is the one that's associated with memory loss later in life according to to a new study published in the journal neurology. it says people with type ab blood have an 82 percent higher risk of cognitive decline.
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>> i have a higher risk of alzheimer's because of my blood type. >> reporter: type ab blood linc to do a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. >> i think if we know someone has this blood type perhaps we would be more aggressive with their cardiovascular risk factors. >> reporter: type a blood also linkd to a ink creased risk of cardiovascular disease. >> i'm o negative. clotting factors in blood and certain enzymes are thought to influence diseases. doctors say other things like weight exercise diet and sleep have just as much influence and can sometimes offset risks associated with blood types. doctors say blood type can also influence susceptibility to certain infections like neurovirus and cholera. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> well, the rain on that radar has just set medical right over us tonight -- set
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settled in. >> it's not going to leave. >> it likes new england as well. they're getting hammered with heavy rain. we'll see light to moderate rain with additional showers on thursday. take a look outside. long after the rain is gone winds will persist. this is the back bay of atlantic city. our camera shaking a bit. winds are gust to go 30 miles an hour down the shore. on storm scan3 you can see this counterclockwise rotation around our storm system that is off shore, a nor'easter for new england as they'll see about three to 5-inches of rain and gusty winds. for us we are just seeing periods of rain just pushing ashore and moving down towards the south and the west. i'm keeping an eye on this band over north jersey is. it appears that it could make it into our extreme northern western suburbs as some at least moderate to heavy rain overnight tonight but you can see a lot of this really losing its steam over the poconos. you'll see a little bit more rain but i think really the target will be through the
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philadelphia area, through south jersey and delaware during the overnight hours. we are going to be seeing some gusty winds as well. temperatures are going to stay in the 40's and the 50's and the rain will continue to accumulate. in princeton over an inch, nearly an inch in oxford. newtown square over a half inch of rain and hainesport nearly .6 of an inch. temperatures in the 50's and the 40's already in the poconos. here's a look at some of the wind gusts. in atlantic city right now gusting to 25. that's at the airport. in philadelphia, gusting to 26 miles an hour. we think that the rain is going to slowly pull away with this area of low pressure tomorrow and by friday, the sun returns. it will be very pleasant but the winds will continue to gust to at least 25 miles an hour. so, thursday slowly getting better with some showery conditions, highs will be in the 50's and winds will continue to gust. then by your friday, still breezy but temperatures will be in the 60's and after that, we will see some significant changes. saturday will be sunny but the
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jet stream will take a lift on monday and once it goes toward the north, all of this warmth will lift toward the midatlantic and the northeast. temperatures will be boosting back into the 70's and that will actually be at least 5 degrees above normal for this time of year. so, overnight cloudy and breezy with periods of rain winds gust to go 251930 miles an hour. thursday more showers numerous in the morning and dying out by late afternoon and early evening as our storm moves out but still windy and cool a little bit avenue chilling effect with that gusty wind. on the seven-day forecast, friday 65. saturday and sunday pleasant. monday still temperatures right around normal. it's not until tuesday and wednesday that we really feel this boost with that southerly wind flow temperatures will be around 70 degrees each day t remember to get the updated forecast any time with the cbsphilly weather app. you can check live radar, severe weather alerts and share your storm pictures with
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us. it's available on itunes and google play. also be shoe your to wake up with "eyewitness news" in the morning. our meteorologist kate fehlinger will track the weather. if anything changes she'll be the first to let you know beginning at 4:30 on cbs3 and then continuing on our sister station the cw beginning at 7:00. >> good info to that are commute tomorrow morning, too. >> yeah, it could be pretty slow. any type of rain typically slows us down and then the wind on top of that, it should be a little bit slow. >> kathy thanks. >> hope the cardinals don't slow down the eagles. >> we won't see that. eagles rested coming off the bye. battle of the birds. both teams five and bun. it's a cross town rivalry everybody is talking about tonight. did the flyers get back on track in pittsburgh? s
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>> only one win in the first six games of the season but the flyers try to right the ship against that bitter old
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rival in pittsburgh. ray emery gets tested early. the penguins rip one past him. ed no chance there. that made it one-nothing pittsburgh on top. but the flyers offense didn't take long to respond. about halfway through first mark strait with a laser shot from the point, it's deflected in front found the net. game's all tied up at one. let's skip ahead to the third period. both teams now tied at two. claude giroux dishes it over to a streaking rj umberger. he sends it home. puts the flyers up three-two. final score five-three philadelphia. it's a battle of birds sunday in arizona. the eagles head out west to take on the cardinals. both teams are five and one. the eagles offensive line is still on the mend but more good signs that help is on the way. guard evan mathis got back on the field for the first time since week one. should be ready for the carolina game on november tenth.
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>> i feel really good. usually at this point in the season there's some aches and pains going on but my knee doesn't even hurt right now so i got fingers that are aching and things like that but right now i'm completely fresh. it's like i'm starting ota's or training camp. it's a good feeling. >> all right, tomorrow night first place in the afc west is on the line when the san diego chargers take on the broncos. and the newly crowned touchdown king peyton manning, catch all the action right here, cbs3 pregame show begins at 7:30. but first we want to hear from you. tweet us your predictions for tomorrow night's big game using its hashtag cbs3 tnf and as always you can follow us on all right, friday's here, couple days away. where should i go for the friday football frenzy game of the week? your choice cb east at cb west, pleasantville at buena or cb south at
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pennsbury. log onto our our audio road show app and cast your vote. i'll al nouns the winner tomorrow and a quick check on the world series game two between the giants and royals in kansas city t royals up seven to two in the ninth inning. a win for kansas city will tie the series at one. glad to see they're going the make a game of it. >> put a little life in it. >> let's play it out. thanks beasley. a member of the 60 minutes family was in town for a very special event. we'll have that next. >> an exclusive party for a new store opening in our area. we'll take that you when we
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>> ♪ >> the three parkway building on cherry street in center city shining bright in pink this october. it is breast cancer awareness month. cbs3 and the cw philly teamed up with the susan g. komen philadelphia for the lights for the cure campaign now in our 13th year.
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happened marks across the area are displaying pink lights as reminder for women to schedule a mammogram. >> new at 11:00 tonight our ukee washington and cbs news correspondent bill whitaker helped celebrate the 70th anniversary of the media fellowship house tonight. whitaker who is a delaware county native was named the 60 minutes correspondent earlier this year. the media fellowship house promotes fellowship and understanding between diverse cultures and generations. good to see him. >> yeah, a vip grand opening party tonight for a new retail intercenter city philadelphia. >> this is going to be special. century 21 opens tomorrow for what it calls its c21 status members. they'll have exclusive access to the store through the 26th. then it will open to the public on the 28th. century 21 said to be a legendary new york retailer that offers top designer merchandise at discount prices. happy shopping. we'll be right back.
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>> thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 11 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von


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